Best Way to Minimize Mobile Phone Risk from Cell RF Radiation

John from shares with you his views on cell phones aka mobile phones and how believes them to be harmful to your health based on scientific studies. You will also learn the best way to mitigate the health risk.
In this episode, you will learn why John rarely uses his cellular phone, and almost always has his phone in airplane mode to minimize his exposure to cell phone signals and mobile phone radiation. You will also discover why he has WiFi turned off in his house.

You will discover why John believes Cell Phones and Wifi are toxins and cause excess stress in the body and how to minimize the negative effects of your cell phone.

Tips to minimize cell phone risk
Put Phone in Airplane mode turning all wireless signals (cell, wifi, and Bluetooth) off.
Use a wired connection with your cell phone by using an ethernet adapter.
Use Google Voice to send/receive text messages and voice calls. Use Skype out if you have an iPhone
Set up a Polycom OBIHAI to have a traditional phone that will ring if you plug in an ethernet cable and telephone
Additional Tips: Using a Cell Phone Emulator on Your Computer/Reducing Wifi Risks at home

After watching this episode, you will learn how to ensure you use the cell phone in the safest way possible to minimize any potential negative effects that you can get from long-term cell phone use.

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