Duotone VoIP How to use the GoToConnect Mobile App

Install this app on either your iPhone or Android phone. This app allows you to access many of the key features from the program GoTo Connect, which allows you to use your business phone from your computer.

0:02 Introduction
0:40 How do I download and install the app?
0:51 How do I log in to the app?
1:28 What options are on the home screen?
1:50 How do I access the account profile?
2:07 Where are the navigation buttons?
2:13 How do I access the dial pad?
2:25 How do I add a new contact?
2:40 How do I access the meetings feature?
3:15 What are meeting rooms?
3:48 What options do I have during a meeting?
4:57 Where is the contacts directory?
5:27 Where is my messaging feature?
5:39 Where are the settings?
6:10 How do I change the app permissions?
6:46 How do I answer an incoming call?
6:57 What options do I have during a call?

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