Microsoft Office 365 Business Phone System 2019 Demo | Microsoft Teams | Phone Hardware

You like demos? Great. This video is nearly 100% demos. Within 40 seconds I begin a big demo sequence showing demo after demo of all that key features of the Microsoft Office 365 Phone System with Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile apps, Yealink desk phones, Jabra headsets, pricing and best practices after 2.5 years of HEAVY use at Xerillion, with 31 clients and 600+ users migrated.

I start out logged into my Microsoft Teams app showing you how I use the Microsoft Phone system with Microsoft Teams. I show all the key features as well as video showing you my own desk setup with Jabra Evolve headsets. I go over why you’d choose dual ear over single ear, and why I sometimes prefer a wired headset over a wireless.

Right on my desk I demonstrate the different models of Yealink desk phones that are certified for Microsoft Teams. I show all the features that would be important to most people who prefer to stick with a desk phone.

I then move into the Teams mobile app and how you would work with the Microsoft Phone system there, and why some people may decide to just work with the Teams Mobile app and skip the desktop app and headset all together.

I show the nice integration between Microsoft Outlook contacts and Microsoft Teams for click to call contacts and click to call conference calling.

I show the integration with the Teams web app for joining conference calls.

I show the click to call features inside web browsers with the Microsoft Phone System.

I then go into pricing and best practices with our extensive experience with the Microsoft Phone system since it went into full production in March 2017. This is our 3rd complete video on the Microsoft Phone System.

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