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If you’re considering VoIP for the first time, you may need some guidance on the product itself and the technology that supports it. It’s best to start with VoIP basics, so we created an infographic specifically for VoIP beginners!

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The VoIP Report presents…

VoIP 101
An Introduction to Internet Calling for Business

What is VoIP technology? How does it work? What are it’s benefits? Let’s find out!

Lesson 1: Say goodbye to fixed telephone services
Voice over Internet Protocol, or “VoIP”, offers an alternative to traditional phone systems. VoIP calls travel over the Internet, instead of the fixed cables operated by telecom companies. You can use VoIP to call anyone – anywhere in the world.

Lesson 2: Make more of your networks
VoIP networks connect people inside and outside a company. VoIP can run over your existing LAN or WAN,
(VO note: LAN & WAN rhyme with “man”)
though upgrades might be needed to ensure call quality. Or you can utilize a Cloud Service Provider’s infrastructure for a monthly fee. Either option will give you the mobility and flexibility of VoIP.

Lesson 3: Connect people in new ways
If you have regular VoIP users at multiple locations or teleworkers, you can set up links over secure Internet routes known as Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs.

Lesson 4: Extend the enterprise
Use VPNs to create an “extended enterprise” with your customers, suppliers and other business partners. Using VoIP in this way can help you improve supply chain communications, increase efficiency, and build stronger relationships with your partners.

Lesson 5: Hit new levels of productivity and efficiency
With VoIP, your employees can benefit from a broad range of features that improve productivity and efficiency, like Presence, Unified Messaging, and Conferencing.

Now that you know the basics of VoIP, it’s time to decide if VoIP is right for YOUR business.
VoIP is growing! There will be 1 billion VoIP users by 2017.

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