What are the top 10 things to know before buying a VoIP Phone System?

In this video, we want to answer relevant questions related to purchasing a VoIP Phone System.

0:04 What if I am in contract with my phone carrier provider?

01:19 How much does VoIP Phone Service cost?

02:26 What are the best new features with VoIP phones?

04:45 Do I need new wiring or cabling at my office for IP Phones to connect to?

06:26 What are the best IP Phones to use for my business?

07:30 What are the most common problems with VoIP that can impact my business?

10:54 What happens to the phones if the internet or power goes down?

11:59 Do we keep our existing phone and fax numbers that we have used for years?

13:00 How does the phone installation process work?

14:05 Who is an ideal client for Tele-Data Solutions?

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